Published Works


Spera - Part 4, pages 3-7
Read online
The original fantasy webcomic Spera began online as a collaborative effort between writer Josh Tierney and several artists. It follows the surreal and fantastical adventures of princesses Pira and Lono and their shape shifting guardian Yonder. You can read the original webcomic here.


Spera II - The Heart of the Matter
Read online
The graphic novel sequel to the original fantasy webcomic Spera, continuing the adventures of princesses Pira and Lono. Written by Josh Tierney, the book is a collaborative effort between several artists. I contributed a short comic, entitled The Heart of the Matter. You can buy a digital copy of the issue my comic is in here. You can also buy a digital copy of the entire book here, and buy a physical copy of the book here.


Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Issue #6 Variant Cover
My first variant cover for Boom!Studios' tie-in comic for Cartoon Network's animated TV series Fionna and Cake, a spinoff of its well loved parent series Adventure Time. You can purchase a copy of the comic with my cover here.

Regular Show Issue #3 Variant Cover
I got a chance to provide a variant cover illustration for Boom!Studios' tie-in comic for Cartoon Network's Regular Show. You can purchase a copy of the comic with my cover here!

A fan-made book of art based on the NBC television series Hannibal. I contributed a single page illustration. You can buy the book here. Now also available as a digital download here.

Masters of Anatomy
A comprehensive book featuring original character turnarounds by over 200 artists. I contributed a male and female figure turnaround. The website and info on how to buy it is here.


An upcoming book featuring drawings of a wide array of characters, poses, and reference material for the aspiring artist. The book will have contributions from around 100 artists, including myself. ;) You can preorder the book here.

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